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Cultivating a Confident STEM Girl

–post by Synapse- Innate biases.  Confidence issues.  Concern about being “smart”…. and pretty much everything that could happen during those teenage years. Let’s just say, I’m a bit nervous about having a baby girl. Yes, yes, I know.  She already … Continue reading

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From Cleavage to Kitty Emoticons: Students Behaving Too Casually..

– things the Birds talk about (**VERY informally**) during their morning walks together for coffee/tea- Nucleus:  “I just checked myself out in the mirror in the ladies bathroom and noticed I’m showing a little too much cleavage today. And I … Continue reading

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What I learned from Diana Nyad, Soothsayer

– written by Axon – photo of Diana Nyad, by Enrique de la Osa Diana Nyad had three things that she wanted to say as she emerged, swollen, sunburned, and dehydrated from her grueling 103 mile, nearly 53 hour swim … Continue reading

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There’s a Special Place in Hell for Women Who Don’t Help Other Women In Science

–a rhyme by Nucleus– In a quirky little land called Science, the treatment of women is not always fair. Many times our brains get overlooked for the size of our chest, our clothing, our hair. A simple switch of a … Continue reading

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Reaching Beyond Labels

– written by Golgi – Label everything clearly, one of the most basic rules in laboratories. This simple practice allows for easy identification and for a cohesive working environment. Labels can make lab life easier and can even save your … Continue reading

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The Rational, Emotional Scientist

– written by Dendrite – A big part of our job as scientists is to be objective- put all human, subjective feelings aside and try to look at the problem or interpret data through an unbiased lens.  But, contrary to … Continue reading

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If you don’t eat, sleep, and breathe science, get out of the lab! ….is an antiquated view

– written by Nucleus – If you don’t wake up thinking about science – eating, sleeping, breathing science – then you are not meant to be a scientist.  This field is too hard to make it in, so if you’re … Continue reading

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