5 Brainy Birds is a group of five women scientist friends working together at a top research institution, each at a different stage in her career and life. They chat about what it is like being a women/young person in science – the great things, the not-so-great things, and anything else that comes to mind. Follow us on Twitter!

The 5 Brainy Birds:

Nucleus is a new Assistant Professor at a major university. She is also a mama and has a very rambunctious toddler.

Axon is an experienced post-doc exploring non-academic careers and has two awesome kiddos

Synapse is a post-doc who is actively applying for positions at universities. She is also a new mama!

Dendrite is a seasoned graduate student and Ph.D. candidate. She is expecting her first wee one very soon…

Golgi is a lab technician who recently graduated from an undergrad program. She is interested in applying to graduate programs and has a dog that some confuse with a mini-ewok..

4 Responses to About

  1. What a fantastic idea…so simple and powerful. What a great way explore mentoring and friendship relationships–we need more “groupings” like this. Looking forward to your work!

  2. nanofluid says:

    Love your blog! I am so glad that this blog brings together the perspectives of women from different stages in their scientific career. Keep writing and stay awesome, ladies! Your words definitely bring hope, caution and positive energy all at once.

  3. Mademoiselle says:

    I am glad I came across your blog.I like that you are sharing different perspectives from women in various stages of their career.

  4. Great idea!! I’m a retired biomedical scientist, now re-inventing myself as a writer. Found this blog and will follow.

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