There’s a Special Place in Hell for Women Who Don’t Help Other Women In Science

a rhyme by Nucleus

In a quirky little land called Science,
the treatment of women is not always fair.
Many times our brains get overlooked
for the size of our chest, our clothing, our hair.

A simple switch of a man’s name to a woman’s
on papers or job applications
results in less salary, less mentoring
less promotions and less publications.

And while our biology demands that we reproduce
at a time most inconvenient for our career,
our psychology is affected in a harsher, more stressful way
than that of our male peers.

Some of us ignore these issues
and just focus on our science.
While others speak out against the injustice,
risking our careers with such defiance.

However we choose to live
in the career we love so dear,
there is one golden rule
to which we ladies should adhere:

We must help each other
by being mentors and facilitators.
We must be each other’s champions!!
in addition to being great scientists and educators.

I will never understand women
who lambast women-in-science groups.
Who berate the science and achievements of other women
and make them jump through more hoops.

And I will NEVER understand women
who don’t help women from underrepresented minorities,
because they have it a thousand times tougher
than those from the majorities.

Sisters, we may have the vote
and be allowed to get higher degrees these days,
but we have not yet been deemed completely equal
in the workplace.

Advocate for social, political, and economic rights
equal to those of the guys!
(After all, THIS is the definition of the word feminist.
Not “complaining-man-hater,” which to many may come as a surprise).

Befriend and help other women in science!
Be cognizant, contemplative, of what we have to go through.
Speak up for us. Be our guides, our inspirations!
Because to help break the cycle, we need you.

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4 Responses to There’s a Special Place in Hell for Women Who Don’t Help Other Women In Science

  1. melo funkademic1 says:

    Yes!!! Bravo!!! It’s all about solidarity!

  2. Abby Kavner says:

    Thanks for the poesy reminder. Here are some I wrote a while back: three invocations for decision makers.

  3. 5BrainyBirds says:

    Thanks, Melo funkademic1! And thanks Abby Kavner and unmwita! Cool blogs! Everyone check them out!

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