Introducing the youngest Brainy Bird, “Golgi”: a lab technician considering grad programs

– written by Golgi –

I would describe myself as the fledging of the brainy birds bunch. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology not long ago. I have aspirations of attending graduate school, but currently I find myself in an “in between” stage. To me, it feels like standing on a shaky diving board, waiting to plunge into the rest of my life. At some points, the diving board steadies and I feel like I have a really good grasp on what I want to study in graduate school, where I want to go to school, and why I am pursuing a PhD in the first place. This feeling is very satisfying and empowering, but it’s not permanent. I find that I get most nervous about taking the plunge when I hear about other female scientists’ struggle with gender biases, securing a job, and raising families. I have to admit that sometimes hearing all this has scared me and stirred doubt about my career plans. After the fear settles, however, I see that this process of being with the uncertainty has forged a strengthened, realistic resolve. Afterall, a journey without struggle is one without growth, without challenge, without accomplishment. As a child of Mexican immigrants, I feel kinship in this striving. They did it; and so will I.

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